Employee schemes

Employee schemes

Implenia offers great employee schemes for students and recent graduates.

Employee schemes

Implenia offers great employee schemes for all staff.

Employee schemes

Competitive salary conditions: Implenia strives to provide competitive salary and bonus conditions.

Expertise development: Implenia provides internal training as well as the opportunity to attend external expertise development training. All employees are given the opportunity to create individual plans for personal and professional development.

Flexible working hours: We can provide flexible working hours allowing you to strike the perfect balance between work and family life.

Insurance and pension schemes: Implenia provides excellent insurance and pension schemes for all employees. We can also offer private health insurance.

Share programme: All employees are given the opportunity to buy shares at discounted prices.

Occupational health service: Implenia has an agreement in place with a nationwide supplier of occupational health services. Among other things, the occupational health service provides assistance in the implementation of regular health checks. Implenia is committed to a providing a great working environment and promoting healthy employees. In addition, Implenia will fulfil its obligations and liabilities as an IA company and will provide all employees with a meaningful and worthwhile work situation.

Company sports: Physical activity in combination with a great social environment is key to satisfaction and good health. Implenia has company teams for football and table tennis and participates in various sporting events in various disciplines.

Employee discounts: Our employees can benefit from discounts through our partners.