Focus on complex infrastructure

Focus on the long-term

Focus on the long-term

The Implenia Group's digital report is regularly updated. Read more about the Implenia Group's commitment to sustainable development here.



In accordance with our social and environmental responsibilities

For Implenia, sustainability means taking full responsibility for the company's impact on the environment, society and economy, as well as a long-term commitment to taking care of both current and future generations. This ambition focuses on the following five areas:

  • Sustainable products and services
  • Attractive working environment
  • Respect for the environment
  • Social engagement and compliance
  • Financial and operational excellence

The Sustainability Report transparently documents Implenia’s commitment to sustainability. Where have we achieved our goals, and where are we still falling short? Our ambitions and our commitment to sustainability are also reflected in the new goals we have set in five priority areas for the coming period. So that we as a company, as a society and as individuals, can look forward to a successful future

Read more in our sustainability report