Focus on HSE

Focus on HSE

Health, Safety and the Environment is a priority area at Implenia.

Health, Safety and the Environment

Implenia aims to be an attractive, inspiring and safe place to work, at which the company's most important resources - employees - are looked after well. Health, safety and the environment is therefore a priority area at the company.


Focus on safety. Implenia has a well-established HSE culture and work is continuously carried out to improve this further. The company focuses on impeccable safety behaviour at all stages of its activities, in order to prevent accidents, injury, loss of human life or damage to the environment or property.

In constant development. Implenia constantly works to develop the company's management system and strives to find the best methods and procedures to protect health, safety and the environment. Preventative HSE work and risk management are key activities at Implenia. Positive HSE work contributes to improved efficiency as well as better quality and increased profitability.