Development of the Follobanen line

Development of the Follobanen line

Implenia is implementing the preparatory works in connection with the development of the new Follobanen line.

Preparatory works for Follobanen F03

Implenia implemented the preparatory works in connection with the development of the new Follobanen line. The project was a part of the preparatory works in the Loenga and Klypen areas, and was performed before the commencement of the prime contract in 2014.

Preparatory works for Follobanen

Project scope. The project included preparatory works, including the redevelopment of tracks and supply routes at Loenga and Sjursøya, foundations for temporary bridges on the Østfoldbanen line, preliminary excavations including archaeological investigations south of Bispegata and cable regrouping for signalling, telecommunication, heavy current, etc. The works were performed in connection with Oslo S, from Haven through Klypen to Loenga on the Østfoldbanen line and at Sjursøya, the majority of the work were carried out in the area from Klypen to Loenga.

Railway engineering works. The main purpose of the railway engineering works was to regroup all cables such as signalling, telecommunication and heavy current cables in order for substantial parts of the construction trench for the future concrete tunnel through Klypen to be implemented without crossings. In addition, a regrouping of supply routes and cables on Østfoldbanen and at Sydhavna, as well as overhead line and track works on Østfoldbanen, was carried out. These were preliminary works for subsequent contracts.

Project details:

  • Contract type: Prime contract
  • Contract sum: MNOK 56.6
  • Construction time: April 2013 to November 2013
  • Developer: Jernbaneverket
  • Client: Jernbaneverket