Extensive experience with water and sewerage

Extensive experience with water and sewerage

Implenia participates on the Midgardsorm project in Oslo - the picture is taken at Sørenga. 

Water and sewerage

Implenia has extensive experience of constructing water and sewerage networks, transfer lines and treatment facilities. Such projects can often be challenging as they take place in densely populated areas, affecting and involving several parties.

Water and sewerage at Åsland

Unique experience. Water and sewerage projects often take place in densely populated areas, which can pose great challenges. Many years' experience of complex city street projects has provided Implenia with unique experience and specialist expertise when it comes to project management in urban areas. The company is used to handling various stakeholders with different interests, regulations and plans.

National investment in water. The Norwegian population is experiencing constant growth, particularly around larger cities. This is resulting in an increasing strain on the water and sewerage network. The need for continuous upgrades and expansion of the pipe network is therefore high, not least when viewed from an environmental perspective. Implenia wishes to play its part in this investment in water and sewerage to also ensure a well-functioning sewerage network and clean drinking water in the future.